How to fill the requirement of savory chicken

as a series of well-known best-selling chicken fried chicken brand, product is not a few, many investors picked eyes do not know which one is better, in this small series give you a recommendation for your reference, it is following the savory chicken.


that we have from chicken began to join Xiangxiang Jiguang advantage we slowly introduce more information to join.

optical Xiangxiang join advantage:


Mount Huangshan savory chicken products merchants Jiguang delicious fragrance is the key to attract diners. Chen supervisor said, product is one of the most important optical Xiangxiang Mount Huangshan chicken, do catering if not complete the product, customers can easily be lost. Mount Huangshan Jiguang Xiangxiang chicken products have been able to join the cross sea fragrance, bags of legend, and continue operating for nearly 40 years, it also shows that the products are picky eaters and withstand the test of the market.

has been the main products of savory fried chicken Mount Huangshan Xiangxiang chicken Jiguang brand investment, in addition also has garlic mushroom, fresh squid, sweet potato, spa Xiang Gan Mei Thai chicken, pepper chicken and other alternative products. Mount Huangshan Jiguang Xiangxiang chicken franchise brand launch new speed is not fast, but these products are already available after careful market test, will not make people disappointed.

optical Xiangxiang joining conditions:


1. franchisee must have independent civil liability, legal person or natural person.

2. has sufficient financial strength to meet the capital investment requirements.

3. with good credit and certain management ability.

4. has a good commercial credit and business premises.

5. strong public relations ability and ability to plan and organize all kinds of promotional activities.

6. must ensure strict compliance with the company’s management of the distribution business, credit protection, other business planning and other aspects of planning.

optical Xiangxiang joining fee:


1. main grade a business district, the first free franchise gold, the right to (management fees) 12000RMB/ years, design, supervision, decoration, equipment, the first supplies, spare parts purchase (pre education training 220 thousand RMB);

2. main grade B business district, the company offers 10 thousand, royalty (management fees) 12000RMB/ years, design, supervision, decoration, Equipment >

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