Shanghai trade and ndustry Bureau for college students to open up the green channel

college students are more and more concerned by the community, there are many institutions for college students to open up a green channel, in order to encourage the enthusiasm of College students. Here, take a look at the college students in Shanghai zero down payment policy.

2 4 July, Shanghai city industry and commerce departments launched a "zero Shoufu" College Students’ Entrepreneurship Program, caused very strong repercussions among college students, there are 200 to 300 have the entrepreneurial intention of college students to the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the trade and Industry Bureau registration hall on-site consultation or by telephone and Internet inquiries every day. As of February 12th, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce approved the establishment of zero down payment college students venture company 6.

2 13, the 6 companies of the 8 business students who received a business license, they have just graduated from the undergraduate students, have master’s and doctoral students in reading, business projects are electronic technology, network services, business consulting, environmental technology, clothing sales and galleries, the registered capital of the company from 100 thousand yuan to 500 thousand yuan.

"zero Shoufu" for many college students want to own a dream round in advance, several female students have said, from the news rushed to the consultation, to give the company a loud name, and then to complete the registration process was awarded the business license, only a few days, still feel like in a dream. />

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