Women’s clothing store decoration techniques and taboos

now society, women Everfount the demand for clothing, at the same time that women’s wardrobe is always lack of a clothes, is that women are not satisfied for the clothing, now on the market are mostly women’s clothing store business is good, then the women’s clothing store decoration what skills and taboos? Today will follow Xiaobian together to learn

!What skills and taboo

What skills and taboo

play loud music, in fact, this is very good, the music itself can create an atmosphere, but to see how to create the atmosphere of elegant, gentle music, can make the customer linger, increase the time of a customer in the store stay, thereby increasing the likelihood of customer consumption; and the great the music in Feng Shui is called "stop", a demon, which makes people naturally grow irritable mood, to store promotion can only play a negative effect.

What skills and taboo

Shopfitting color is very exquisite, now there are many shops pay great attention to the color of the internal stores, some businesses through psychological tests, such as red and bright colors, it is relatively in a state of excitement, arouse people’s desire to buy. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the color of the internal stores, and to the owner of the birthday, to store and sell goods five property combination will consider the attributes of goods into the wood, fire, soil, gold, water in five categories, and then according to the owner of the store house and hexagrams hexagrams, determine the specific shop interior decoration color, extremely complicated, must ask professional home home.

What skills and taboo

In fact, for the

operates in a women’s clothing store owner who, now want to successfully operate a women’s clothing store, a good decoration style and style is very important, a good decoration, in order to attract customers to patronize!


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