Pan Siliang determined to make some achievements in the field of Asian hotels

international El Luxor Hotel brand and his deep roots, began in Taiwan, Pan Siliang’s business path is not too bumpy, but also bear no small pressure, along the way, Pan Siliang began to understand how to open new channels of operation in the hotel industry.

I is the 1.5 generation of

"the hotel is very tortuous story." Grand Formosa Regent Hotel chairman Pan Siliang at the beginning of the reporter’s appetite hanging. "I want to hear the twists and turns." Reporter smiled in the road. So, in a beautiful night, at the Beijing Hotel in the coffee shop, Pan Siliang hit off about his story and hotel.

"it must first talk from my father. In 1973, my father and an American wanted to open a joint venture in Taiwan, but it was very difficult to get the land. At that time, the use of land has a lot of rules, it is very troublesome to deal with. Not easy to deal with clearly, 10 years have passed. Americans don’t want to do it. My father doesn’t want to. So put the holding to Tuntex, we became small shareholders." Pan Siliang smiled and said: "at that time I was studying in the United States, do not know anything."

15 was sent to study in the United States Pan Siliang, with 2 years to finish high school, 3 years after the main economic department of the University of California at Berkeley, finance, Columbia University MBA, credit suisse first went to work for a Boston Investment Securities Corp in the United States, Japan, Hongkong and real estate investment.

then why business hotel? Karma meeting." Pan Siliang said, "at that time because the hotel owner also has the Regent Business in the United States, he knows I exist." 1990, the hotel was opened, the boss was invited to Pan Siliang. Pan Siliang, who has never been a restaurant, accepted the challenge and was happy to face a completely different industry. "In 2000, the hotel had a financial crisis, and the boss sold his stake to me. So the Grand Formosa Regent Hotel returned to my family for decades."

"that is to say you played 10 years in the business, your father used to sell the shares you back." Reporter summary. "Yes, I was working first, in 2000 I began to do the boss." Pan Siliang humorously explained, strictly speaking, my father did not intervene in the hotel management, I can not be regarded as the second generation of the hotel. I am the 1.5 generation."

"first is the Taiwan earthquake, and then again in 2003 to SARS (SARS). Grand Formosa Regent Hotel shares in 2004 only to the cost of. In the past few years my endurance and strain is really strong." Pan Siliang said, I encountered difficulties is more and more recommended

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