How to do a good job in the furniture store publicity and promotion

we hope to be able to survive in a good environment, which requires very good furniture, furniture is now in great demand, the wine is also afraid of deep alley, good products, good service, customers do not know if you don’t understand, or not to. Therefore, when doing business, to understand the promotion and publicity. Only a full range of advertising, in order to enhance the store revenue. So, how to do a good job of furniture stores publicity and promotion? Here are some of the common forms of advertising:

1, bike: how to promote the furniture store? The store to buy 10 car 26 ring bicycle, plug vertically in the backseat, both sides can put advertising pictures. In addition to the recruitment of 10 temporary workers, each riding a car, in accordance with the planned route parade city.

2, Caravan: by relatives and friends of the car, can also find professional propaganda car rental company, van four all inclusive, to determine the route, through loudspeakers broadcast information, the speed of not more than 25 yards / hour, the person with the car, the morning in the afternoon 4:30-5:30 to 7:30-9:30, the peak flow.

3, placards: furniture shop how to promote? Hire a 15-30 personal according to height formed a team, the best students, a unified clothing, each hand holding billboards, walking down the street, because people walking slowly, leaving passers-by to watch a long time, it is easy to remember.

4, SMS: through SMS platform, 1–3 days before the start of activities will be the information sending intention of customers, not too many words, concise and comprehensive, focused, clear. The biggest feature of this approach is the low cost, wide coverage, send text messages via SMS platform can be as low as 6 cents / bar. With the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, the promotion of the furniture industry gradually normalized, furniture stores, SMS platform will often use. The spread of a wide range of advertising, targeted, accuracy are relatively low, and the following advertising is a good way to overcome this problem.

5, community advertising: furniture shop how to promote? In the community especially just delivered real estate advertising, such as big, light boxes, banners, sun umbrella, the majority of customers to buy furniture, decoration, advertising community implementation of the owners of the site to intercept and output information in the first time, the first to occupy the consumer mind, and marketing the key is to seize the consumer’s mind; furniture shop, must pay attention to publicity, publicity in place only, in order to attract customers to spend.


promotional activities can make business more and better popularity, but the business did not imagine so simple, I hope this article can have the help to everybody, usually, before carrying out promotional activities, stores to come up with expected sales of ten percent as recommended

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