What is the auto repair process

auto repair project has many, in general, how can we find the right project? Join process is probably what kind of? Many newcomers to this question is very interested in, if you want to know it and understand it, and I hope to help you.

1, investment consulting: if you are interested in auto repair can be through the Internet or telephone form to the customer service to the relevant information.

2, on-the-spot investigation: the franchisee can to aftermarket headquarters to visit and study, can also with the project responsible person to conduct face-to-face exchanges, let all the questions I can get a detailed answer.

3, qualification assessment: auto repair but also for each franchisee qualification inspection, in order to ensure that franchisees can successfully join.

4, signed the contract: if the franchisee and auto repair headquarters on both sides have no objection, you can officially sign the contract.

5, pay cost: how much money do you need to open garage? Join the car repair costs only 3-5 million to join the cost can be. Franchisee to pay according to their selected projects to the headquarters of the auto repair costs.

6, the headquarters of the training: after joining the franchisee successfully joined the auto repair will arrange a professional eye for investors to carry out technical and store management training, until investors can work independently.

find aftermarket items well, join headquarters to provide preferential policies, the better to do business. If you are looking for auto repair project, then you can refer to the above process to see if you are looking for the project is standardized, do not be afraid of fraud project, to learn it quickly!

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