Zhejiang college students love entrepreneurship 5% higher than the national average

Zhejiang response to the Ministry of education, will promote entrepreneurship education. Prior to this, the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of college students in Zhejiang has been very high, entrepreneurial rate reached 5%, to strengthen entrepreneurship education, will greatly increase the probability of success of these students entrepreneurship.


2014 session of more than 25 graduates, 5.02% of people to join the venture, of which the rate of college graduates entrepreneurship rate of 3.76%, higher vocational college graduates entrepreneurial rate of 6.49%. More than half of entrepreneurs choose to work for a period of time after the start of their own business (51.15%), directly after graduation accounted for 34.70%.

Hospital responsible person

"set up a business college, this is the most important step in our province." Provincial Department of education student office director Ding Songquan introduced to the end of March this year, the province’s high school will be the general construction of business college, and improve the management and operation mechanism. At the same time, to explore the business school construction and operation mode, select the number of colleges and universities to carry out the special "3+1", "2+1", Graduate Entrepreneurship Education Master’s fusion of different types of entrepreneurship education mode reform. At present, "3+1" "2 Recommended

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