What needs to be done to open a car beauty shop

is now a very large number of car beauty shop, it seems very good business. Many franchisees are very excited to see, I would like to open a home. What do you need to open a car beauty shop? Technology, products are needed, if you are not very clear about this problem can learn.

if no contact with this line, it is better to learn to learn, car beauty, the best to the car shop or car beauty company, there are a variety of models, the vehicle can also encounter many situations, learn practical experience, also can learn all kinds of unexpected events, the accumulation of this experience, can meet after their own shop, avoid the loss of their own. Moreover, the master of the actual experience in the beauty shop, the car encountered more, you can learn a good reference, the disadvantage is that the slow learning.

learning will be faster in the school, but also learn some systems, there is no practical experience, to explore their own needs.

will heteronomy in the mode of development, business positioning, goods channels, product price, investment, slow the recovery of funds precipitation.

1: air pumps, 2: 3: waxing machine, sealing machine, vacuum cleaner, 4: 5: 6: polishing machine, electric wrench, 7: hot air gun (with 8 film): 9 pieces: towel deerskin pieces (cotton): 10 pieces (11 cotton towel): car wash 12: spray foam machine 1 recommended

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