How to run a noodle shop to make money easily

pasta as the staple food of the north, and gradually swept the country, by the people of the hot, which brought a hot business opportunities for the noodle shop, containing unlimited market potential. But how to open a noodle shop can easily earn big money? The following small series will take you to analyze.

then is operating, I also considered to start from a so-called fly noodle bar, because business students do not get too expensive, but relatively cheap price may not rent a good appearance, coupled with the students every day to eat a lot, most do not care about decoration, are just eating away, so the store is dirty.

of course, only by shouting is not a permanent solution, with the fierce competition, it is also the choice of more and more critical, the taste of noodles is very important, at this moment, my noodles taste with the increase of experience also made some improvement, not only increases more and more different from the previous taste. The noodles dumplings and wonton add breakfast etc..

said so much, I think we have some views on how to open a noodle shop, also have a certain harvest, in general, successfully open a noodle shop, enthusiasm, characteristics and taste are indispensable factors, only.

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