How to design the store window

in any one of the stores, if there is a window, make good use of the window, can enhance the store’s trading volume. However, for many sellers, how to design the window is still a big problem. So, how to design the store window? Let Xiaobian to introduce some tips for you.

standardized stores in store design, most will leave a window, as the store’s product display and information platform. However, in the window display standard and the theme of propaganda and so on, are less clear and detailed standards, or lack of window display application program update check synchronization, especially set up a private dealer stores, the headquarters of the manufacturers agreed to showcase the understanding and implementation of standards are different, so the window the display effect did not play very well.

first, in the store, what do you think of the window?

(L) window is a huge display, is a stage, the shop window is the media.

(2) window is the need to design, not simply stacked on a number of goods on the finish, but to have a composition, layout, there are levels, there are themes.

(3) must live! There are images, sound, light, dynamic.

if you can not do the above, then the value of this window will not play out, that is, the cabinet. Even a store window display position as debris between stacked items, or simply use a poster to stick tight, simply ignore the existence of the value of the window.

What is the function setting of


(1) display products.

(2) initiative to release information, let the customer to shop from the outside to receive relevant information, and purchase reminders and positive associations to attract them into the store.

(3) before the customer did not enter the store, through the layout of the store can be directly felt the difference between the store and other similar stores.

in single brand stores, most of them have window display standards, how to set up the specific window, each manufacturer, each shop owner all have their own ideas, not repeat them here, we just talk about in the window layout process, often appear the phenomenon, need to draw attention.

(1) empty window.

window is empty, and the interior of the old messy, a decline in the face of the atmosphere, the passing of the customer immediately think of what is

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