Nanjing real estate sales polarization uneven Market

house is a topic of universal concern, with prices in the market soared this year, showing a frenzied trend, so the government actively take the purchase of the policy, but the impact of a policy for different regions is very different. Since the purchase of the property market for more than a month, it is not difficult to see, Jiangning, Jiangbei, Banqiao, just need to drive west, South Station and Gulou Binjiang improved disc or the continuation of the high sales before the purchase, Nanjing property market polarization is more and more obvious, and real estate sales are not.

luxury just need two hot

according to the Nanjing online real estate data show that in October the volume of new homes in Nanjing than in September turnover fell 5 to a record low of nearly 4 years. The first Sunday of November were trading volume compared with a sharp rebound in October, high-end improvement and just need to become the main transaction.

compared to the property market as a whole, the luxury market is still unique. Yanlord Jiangwan City, sea Yue names and other high-end projects sales momentum is still strong. Industry experts said the reasons for the sale of high-end projects, one because of the purchase, the two is to improve the living. With the real estate tax is expected to increase the concentration of funds to buy a final home is also a lot of strength buyers choice.

, in addition, according to statistics, nearly a month, Nanjing has more than and 40 real estate opened, where the price of 20 thousand / square meters of residential is only about 6. In these 6 just need intraday, opening sales are more ideal, there are 4 real over 9. Market turnover is very obvious, a group of customers just need to wait and see to enter the market, the price is still the primary consideration of property buyers.

hot plate and cold in comparison found that, in recent years due to the rapid improvement of land prices in Nanjing, disc 20 thousand -3 yuan / square meter such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like emerge. This part of the area is not close to the main city, but compared to just need the outer suburbs is not far, optional range, there are planning but not completed, the previous rally, making the price off just, resulting in selling not warm not fire.

prices also rose

regulation more than a month later, many real estate turnover has dropped significantly, but no price, or slowing down. Stable prices, there is no significant decline in the property market is still accounted for the majority of the current. Before the regulation, a lot of real estate to the hundreds of thousands of sets of houses, if the direct reduction of the price, then the property buyers are likely to start before." Marketing Director of a housing prices bluntly.

, however, even if the price is not, for many projects, the current price has been up. As a result of the park into the park, Ming Yue Yue court, Dongcheng Jinmao Yue these projects, recommended

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