Twenty thousand dollars to set up another shop to create their own jobs

each person’s entrepreneurial experience is different, everyone has their own entrepreneurial path to go. Liang Guisheng talked about his entrepreneurial experience, straight, straight, what to say. But the expression in high spirit. It’s no wonder, because he’s a successful boss.

10 years ago with 20 thousand yuan from Guilin to Beijing to start the business, now in a number of star hotels have his business outlets in Guilin tourism products, also served as a three star hotel, executive director of Thai crown hotel.

all is full of their own capital accumulation, no debt, it is really great! Recently, with the author of mind in a cafe in Beijing to listen to the story of Liang Guisheng, feeling his out of the ordinary. He said the first words to me, as long as I said, there is nothing you can not write. He is a responsible man, as he has done.

twenty thousand bucks to open what shop? You make another bowl

1956 I was born in Guilin, a resident of the family, the young mother, due to poor family, even the middle school is not able to read. At the age of 15, he went to the society to make a living, and he went to the countryside to do farm work. He worked odd jobs in the street. In order to earn more money, he worked as a man. Harsh environment is really trained my tenacity and courage.

1980 contracted Guilin railway guest house, a canteen, mainly for tourists to take photos. At that time the studio is less, no more effort, the business can be booming, a month down profit on 1000 yuan, is 20 times the National worker’s family easily, which validates my feeling, also let me by deep inspiration, doing business is really great! I think the traditional concept of mischief killed many people so, do not make money? And my wife out of mobilization.

painstakingly walk out of predicament to win the market

I was running and

twenty thousand bucks to open what shop? By a Beijing people, I spent.

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