How much does it cost to open a gym

who doesn’t want a healthy body, very strong body? It is because we all think so, so many people will go to the gym, then open the gym need how many money? Now although the fitness equipment has been poured into the family, but the main fitness places each big city or has been a full state, and the gym business has not been much impact but even more unpopular.

Although the

into the home fitness equipment has become a fashion, but can really put their own people moved to enjoy fitness after all is not too much, this contradiction between supply and demand on the formation of a great space for fitness equipment market is rising, the gym in the residents of fitness market in a space for one person to play a role in promoting. Coupled with the family fitness equipment due to the impact of the residential area, it is impossible to achieve a variety of fitness facilities in a professional gym to bring new enjoyment. Seen in this light, the market is still quite open gym.

analysis of investment income: an ordinary gym has 100-150 square meters in size, open the gym need choose the following devices: a mini type device, a weightlifting weightlifting bed, a multi-functional treadmill, a treadmill, a single function 12 station comprehensive training, two treadmills, Taiwan two massage, two Taiwan boating, a ski, a muscle board, a dumbbell rack, plus some small equipment.

There are about 30 people working at a gym like

. 1 hours of exercise per day, according to the standard fee of $2-3 per person, can receive three, five hundred yuan a day, remove the fitness sites covering the costs, can earn thousands of yuan a month. Such a calculation, investment gym will bring you a surprise.

gym is now a lot of people often go to places, if you do open gym, do this business if outlook is still very good, of course, need to pay attention to is a lot of attention: general city downtown is a large city of bodybuilding, you should pay attention to looking for a small gym the gap between home fitness and aerobics City, including location, fees, fitness projects, only business.

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