What is suitable for the top floor shop

since the choice of the open floor in the shop floor is not good choice in many times, although many operators know that shops should not be selected on the top floor, but sometimes there is no too much choice, leading to open a building on the top floor shop. Do not despair, as long as we operate the project correctly, the top floor of the store can also bring higher profits for themselves. So, the top floor of the shop for business?

floor shop try not to open at the top, but like the dense hall, if you are superior to others, might be for such high, there is no lack of "chuchentuosu" means. Some people say that the "top floor" often have a "too high to be reached" feeling, and if the shop is not very special, very few people will go to the top floor, but on the contrary, if there is one can bring you a different kind of experience store, you may look at physical climb.

so what kind of store can have such a feeling? Must have a feature, that is, the grade to be high enough to attract eyeballs. Because the location of the shop requires customers to take the initiative, deliberately upstairs, rather than the floor by the time of the visit, so we must have enough features and grades, so that people can have a longing for. Give a few examples, for your reference.

senior clothing, jewelry shop – custom, design

is not the most distinguished and elegant materials, good materials have overlapping possibility; the most distinguished is not out of the ordinary, also depends on whether the out of the ordinary stand head and shoulders above others. To be different from others. The most distinguished dress is a good material in accordance with the personal taste, style, characteristics and preferences and customized, because is in accordance with the requirements of their own private production, so naturally is out of the ordinary.

if there is a shop, open at the top, gave a lot of guidance to wear fashion celebrities, celebrities made dresses, so if you know where it is, will not be attracted to look? The answer is yes. So if your shop is the same, I am afraid that the higher the better, even in the cloud is the best.

senior, private restaurant

China’s food culture can be described as broad and profound, just eat the location, it is very clear that the problem. The ancients often say "drink is upstairs", watch the scenery, the wind was blowing, wine spilled Mancheng ", this is the height of" eat ". This is an integral part of Chinese food culture, deeply influenced by the traditional culture of our body also have such blood. Luxury restaurant opened at the top of the building, can be described as round people’s dream, the most typical is the top of the rotating restaurant.

private club

There is also an advantage on the top floor of

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