Alternative pet business should pay attention to what

alternative pets in the current market began to become increasingly popular, not only won the favor of more and more people, at the same time, has also become a lot of operators who get rich means. However, the operation of such a special pet, want to succeed, naturally there are more attention. So, what kind of pet business should pay attention to?

now young people like to do something unconventional, even keeping pets is also different. Therefore, in recent years there has been a kind of "pet" – including scorpions, centipede, spiders, lizards, etc., have become their favorite thing.

and by relying on these people, Kobayashi’s monthly income in Nanjing are more than 30 thousand yuan.


2007, Kobayashi heard that the spider took a very high profit, bought a group called "red rose" poisonous spider. A few months down, because there is no good grasp of the technology to take poison, see 4000 yuan principal will be wasted. One day, Kobayashi wandering to the pet market, found a lot of young customers especially for lizards and other alternative pets. Think of their own red roses, Kobayashi convenient to use the network to sell, to sell the price of 120 yuan each. In just one week, more than and 20 were sold. See the market effect, Kobayashi decisively decided to transition.

in order to maintain adequate supply, Kobayashi first learn the breeding technology. After consulting experts and their own experiments, summary, each year the amount of reproduction on the spider more than 300. In sales, Kobayashi did not choose to go to the terminal line, but to start a supplier, will own the spider to the local pet shop wholesale. Although the price per spider market soared to 150 yuan, much higher than the wholesale price of Kobayashi, $85, and because of the possession of the supply market, Kobayashi’s income is clearly higher than any pet store.

2009 years later, Kobayashi on the basis of maintaining the main share of the spider market has increased the other, such as rainforest scorpion, desert lizards and other species, but also specialized in the sale of various types of pet food. Comprehensive, he expects annual revenue in 2009 will be more than 400 thousand yuan.

business tips

alternative pets, pet market is growing rapidly in recent years, a sub category. From the threshold that, regardless of the capital or technology is generally not high, but considerable profits (industry analysis, profit margins generally more than 90%), the main audience is the young consumer groups. But there are psychological experts suggest that. The pursuit of fresh stimulation, by raising a certain risk to meet the conquest of the pet and ease the sense of relief, release pressure, is the root cause of alternative pet popular.

but the operator should pay attention to the choice of varieties not to poison as a selling point, otherwise easy to cause legal disputes, in addition, there are animal scholars said. Alternative pet business to pay attention to what

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