How to do customer return

customers have returned, I believe this is a very common thing for any one of the shops, how to deal with, but it has become a big problem plagued the owner. How do we deal with the replacement and return of our customers? If rejected, people will say you rigid, impersonal, if they change, some of the items will affect the two sale, the heart will worry for you in exchange for the customer "fake", you will allow yourself to eat yabakui, sell lost credibility.

remember that one time, a customer came to my shop for two bottles of wine, is the white clouds for the past fifteen years, this wine will be on the block, he said, to change a box of white clouds for six years. I told him that our shop will not be returned after the sale of tobacco and alcohol. He said to me, this wine is a few days ago relatives to my store to buy, he could not drink, want to change cheap wine. I think, too, rural people who willing to drink such wine. A few days ago is the sale of a few bottles of white clouds for fifteen years, taking into account the village folks, I gave him a change.

two days later, a friend in my home, I took the two bottles of wine to entertain guests, Xiao Li said to me: "Xiao Du you, this wine is not right, you sell counterfeit products?" I have a taste, really taste and my previous fifteen years of the white clouds, the taste is not mellow. I told them the story of the two bottles of wine, they said to me: "fortunately, you did not sell, otherwise the customer to your passing do not say, you will lose the credibility of the store, he passes on ten, ten hundred, the shop will be closed as early as you back."

after this event, the return of alcohol and tobacco, I refused. Later, we went to the village of my aunt to the store, and handed me a mid-range smoke, said to change two low-grade cigarettes to her old man to smoke, this is a cigarette just to give relatives. I said to the woman: "tobacco is a special commodity, can not be changed, you can smoke this cigarette for your son. He also often go to my shop to buy cigarettes, but also suck each cigarette over two hundred yuan."

aunt think too, did not change, but also to the old man to buy a low-grade cigarettes. Later, his son came to buy aunt take the price of tobacco, I also joked: "now change?" He said, "this is for my dad. The last time my mother gave me a good smoke, I also bought a cigarette to Dad pumping." Watching him leave the figure, I think: sometimes smoke is also a bridge to communicate with the family, with a good, the feelings between father and son will be more profound!

our store if you are familiar with the customer, you can also avoid return. Zhang Xiao Zhang just bought a bottle of shampoo in my shop, his wife also want to buy, I said: "your husband just bought in my store, you can also buy after use." She nodded again and again.

customers really want to return the goods, I do a good job registration, see the packaging of goods is complete, and sometimes look at the number of goods, look at the production date, so avoid

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