Shop name also need to check vulgar wind

is now a lot of people in the time to shop name simply thought of creativity and personality, resulting in some names very vulgar, let passers-by to accept. Shop name, such as names, but also considered pulling the attention economy". Unfortunately, nowadays many shops to let people left "an indelible impression", to play in the idea of "vulgar", eye popping!

Changsha Yuelu District Xianjia Lake Road, a named "asked the guest hotel for slaughter, said the hotel is the specialty of chicken, the name" Q "symbol" word?" Instead, the word "kill" is represented by a knife. A rabbit Azusa road and not connected any clothing store, to get attention and let people easy to remember, even to the clothing store named "jackrabbit"!

such an alternative landscape is not unique to Changsha. In Beijing, Xinjiekou South Street, a Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles museum called "Niu Bi", reminiscent of a well-known "dirty cattle B"; Chongqing a newly opened Hot pot shop, Hot pot shop called "DDD", why is dichlorvos is a newly opened Zhengzhou; the clothing store, clothing store called her grandmother a bear ", caused a lot of controversy and condemnation of the customer. The impression that other places also appeared "tamarensis Hotel", "Ren baozi Hotel", "devil Hot pot" to the vulgar character name.

in fact, the business value of eyeball economy is understandable. A good name is a sign of an asset, icing on the cake, virtually bring business opportunities. But a good name in addition to understand a good mind, broad awareness, rich in kindness, can attract the attention of customers, but also should have certain cultural tastes, content. With the merchants take pains to attract eyeballs in the name, but the competition is not the competition of vulgar, elegant, bookish competition.

the reason why businesses are fond of vulgar name, in addition to favor the "attention economy", more is to save the transaction cost. For example, a person like Chuanchuan Xiang, in theory, he will choose the best taste, nutrition is the most abundant store information, but due to time constraints, so the person is likely to choose without thinking he was impressed, called the "devil" string of incense shop is probably to please this coincidence. So kitsch, very strange, "eye" can certainly attract some, but are often self defeating, attract consumers to the court.

visible, vulgar name is "a social freak eyeball economy distortion brought by the construction of harmonious society is not harmonious. This grade is not high "creative" although in a short period of time to save the transaction cost, but this "save" in the social public morality scar, will give the development of business after the trouble, even will soon fall into the awkward position of the cold menting. This is "vulgar" and "rogue" offbeat name and culture "marriage", it is.

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