Sichuan migrant workers concerned about entrepreneurship capital projects where to find

With the gradual introduction of various types of entrepreneurial policies around the

, the majority of migrant workers have returned to the idea of entrepreneurship. These entrepreneurs are most concerned about the issue is the source of venture capital and the choice of entrepreneurial projects.

"this year out of work, they try to start at home. What want to grope, a stomach problem do not know what to ask? After the Spring Festival holiday, users’ Huanhuan tiger doubts, aroused the entrepreneurs on the network resonance.

2 19, the Sichuan daily intends to return to the entrepreneurial or Sichuan migrant workers have been recruited to solve the problem of entrepreneurship, inviting the success of the province’s Sichuan Province in the back of the 17 migrant workers to answer. As of February 21st, more than 4800 users to participate in the question. The collection of questions, ranging from the business planning stage to maturity stage, the most is about how to raise funds, accounting for 25% of the total, followed by how to choose the field of entrepreneurship, accounting for about 18.8% of the total.

Guo Xiaoming, vice president of

Regional economic research

this, our province has introduced a package of policies and measures in the last year, support migrant workers entrepreneurship.

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