Notebook top ten brands list

computer has now become a family can not be a lack of electrical appliances, but with the convenience of people’s lives, notebook computers began to be more popular. Moreover, the laptop as a representative of the contemporary electronic products boom, its replacement is fast. It is not more than the desktop, can be assembled with a free mix, so we buy the brand reference is a key factor. Here, the small series on the introduction of the top ten notebook brands, so that consumers can make a better choice for freedom.

notebook top ten brands list: Apple

by Steve ·, Steve · Jobs; Wozniak and RonWayn founded in April 1, 1976 in the United States, in the high-tech enterprise known for innovation, the core business of electronic technology products, the global high-end computer audio and video and portable media brand manufacturers, the world’s ten largest notebook computer, Apple Inc. PC outside the world outside expert, so understanding, Apple Corp = streamlined IBM plus streamlined Microsoft. Because only white, commonly known as "white".

, if IBM is the most practical and powerful notebook, then, apple is the most artistic of the most Martian notebook, and, of course, the price is also very art". Headquartered in California, Kuby Tino, the famous products are AppleII, Macintosh, Macbook computer of notebook computer, iPod music player, iTunes store, iMac machine, iPhone and iPad tablet computer and mobile phone.

notebook ten brands list of the top second: Lenovo

(HKSE:992, ADR:LNVGY) is a $34 billion personal technology products company, is one of the world’s largest PC maker, is also a leading manufacturer of PC products in the field.

notebook ten brands list of the top third: ASUS

Asustek Computer Incorporation is the world’s leading provider of 3C solutions, is committed to providing the most innovative products and applications for personal and business users. More than one hundred thousand employees worldwide, with the world’s top R & D team, with an annual turnover of $21 billion 170 million. 2007-2009 three consecutive years among the "fortune" 500 strong, became one of the youngest world top 500 enterprises; 1998-2009 years for twelve consecutive years by the U.S. "business week" as a global IT enterprises, is the "Wall Street journal" named Taiwan quality and service first.

laptop ten major brands

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