Taobao sellers riot shop investors can not be ignored seven points

recently, Taobao two charges rose 5 times to 15 times, because of dissatisfaction with a substantial increase in the threshold of the Taobao mall plan, Taobao mall yesterday, thousands of small sellers together, focus on the malicious attacks on some big sellers of Taobao mall, the shops discontinued operations. Taobao subsequently issued a tough statement that will not give up because of threats and intimidation. Alibaba CEO Ma On micro-blog, said: will insist, because we believe in their own decisions, we do the most things to do." So in the choice of online investment, investors should pay attention to what?

1, Taobao storm warning: market positioning must be clear

2, Taobao storm warning: Pricing master

3, Taobao storm warning: novice agent to be careful

4, Taobao storm warning: it is necessary to store decoration

5, Taobao storm warning: look at

before delivery

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