nventory 2015 Qingdao college students employment and entrepreneurship highlights and achievements

to promote the work of college students is a long-term and lasting, for which the government uses a variety of different types of support. Let us look back on the 2015 Qingdao college students employment and entrepreneurship in the ten highlights.

sponsored by the Qingdao municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, Qingdao Business University, Qingdao Entrepreneurs Association, sponsored by Huaren century group and other famous enterprises in 2015 Qingdao city elite BEST Collegiate Business Plan, based on 2014 "plan BEST" on the successful experience of the new start, through the "entrepreneurial contest + entrepreneurial culture" the way, the 196 team venture attracted 1246 players participating.

in various universities and social groups in the match match point for 8 days of "entrepreneurial elite training clearance link and the 7 days of the" entrepreneurial elite marketing "independent business tasks, after nearly 6 months of selection, competition and competition, the selection of related culture media, network information service, electronic commerce and the special culture of 108 outstanding entrepreneurial projects included in Qingdao City, entrepreneurial elite training plan. The "seaside tree" children’s education resource sharing platform and entrepreneurial projects "will still" hotel service outsourcing venture won the group and social group champion.

into the training plan of entrepreneurial team will enjoy a one-time business provided by the city people club Bureau of start-up capital, business incubators, business mentor recommended settled in-depth guidance, venture capital support, centralized office, entrepreneurial resources docking and other business services.

2015 in June, the city and Social Council joint Qingdao daily / Blue Network Co sponsored by the Qingdao City College Students   "Seagull action plan", from 2015 onwards, the implementation of   for three years, the specific content of   the "3515 development goals" + "seven entrepreneurial action", to complete the training 30 thousand students off the record in three years, to create 50 distinctive public record space, and support 15 thousand college students’ entrepreneurial goal, the implementation of entrepreneurship carrier construction "cradle" action, entrepreneurial elite selection "breeding" action, venture capital support "day" action, entrepreneurship training education "Lizhi" action, business mentor hand "pilot" action, entrepreneurial practice "Internet plus" entrepreneurial action, ecological optimization dream action seven entrepreneurial action.

The launch of the

"Seagull" action plan, will further improve the college students entrepreneurship support system, inspire entrepreneurial awareness, enhance entrepreneurship, optimize business environment, improve business services, stimulate innovation and vitality, leading to innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to promote employment, for Qingdao to build a "city of innovation, entrepreneurship, hit off the island" and make a positive contribution.

new start "Qingdao radio and Television University · Qingdao University Business School Integration

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