Jiangsu took the lead in promoting the sponge city construction by the state financial allocations

The construction of

city need to have a good planning, recently, in Jiangsu City, sponge construction was first proposed, in fact, this is also in line with the needs of the local social and economic development, because Jiangsu is a coastal province, some city waterlogging phenomenon under heavy rain weather is very common.

us rain days, open sea model " " ", the vehicle turned collective; ferry ", in the water section of the Dragon Boat Race of " "…… This series of troubled urban waterlogging phenomenon in the future may not be frequent in Jiangsu.

So what is " /

; sponge city;

surging news from the Jiangsu provincial housing department issued the "opinions" to understand, background and significance of the unique construction of the sponge city.

Vice president,

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