What are the common problems in the management of children’s toy shops How to solve

any of the operating market, there is a hot business shops, there will naturally be poor shops. In fact, any one of the shops, will encounter a variety of problems. Of course, the problem is not terrible, terrible is not know how to solve. Some time ago, I was invited by a friend to visit some of his children’s toy chain stores.

to tell you the truth, after the visit, the heart has some views, then think of some previously visited friends and my fans to open children’s toy store, I clearly felt that the market of children’s toys chain stores now have some common problems, and many of these problems are even some people think that it is too "junior", but these too "primary" problem has greatly affected the development of the store business.

for this reason, these are the common problems and my proposal to write it out, I hope to be able to make a commitment to children’s toys chain of some useful inspiration or help.

1, problem: store display rack is too high


because the consumption of children’s toys may be a complex process of consumption, such as the choice of goods may be children, but the implementation of consumer behavior is adult. So, in order to facilitate the children browse the goods and increase their chances of choice, the merchandising height should be consistent with the height of the child, and should not be many stores now within the display of goods, in order to browse and set the height of adult.

for this reason, businesses should reduce the height of the display rack. Even on the ground laying carpet, wood and other things for the display of goods.

2, problem: store atmosphere too static


because many children now goods, such as cars, airplanes, those robots, imitation guns, dolls and so on are electric, the switch is switched on, there will be a sound, action and light and so on, is very attractive to children’s eye. But many businesses are just quietly put these will move the goods placed there, and did not give full play to these goods once they have been launched to attract greater charm.

I want to remind the business, please don’t forget a typical feature of children, that is, they might not be as rational as an adult reading instructions, and a detailed understanding of each function and features of the product, they are more likely to sense, directly and quickly from the product itself to decide whether or not external love and purchase.

so, it is recommended that businesses in the shop to start some of the main push or feature merchandise, let it


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