Ten ways to make money at home in 2016

What are the ten ways to make money at home in

2016? I believe we have some friends, at home and do not want to make money, but do not know where to make money. Look at the whole network for your finishing in 2016 in the ten way of making money, I hope to give you some inspiration.

2016 at home to make money in ten ways:

1. website or blog with only a certain amount of traffic, by advertising to make money

this requires you to have a little computer knowledge, if done well in general a few years there will be revenue

2. play games, help people upgrade, play equipment, sell number

this is the key, can earn money

3. through technology, in the network to connect the task, the tender bid. Can also participate in such as logo design than

this requirement is relatively high is usually a computer advertising design, programming,

4. do online jianzhiSEO, help people to promote the site, promote product

this requires you to understand SEO technology

5. paid to make money, that is, the site allows you to pay for the payment of the mail, do research, try to book and browse the web page. The websites that pay you to complete the book are usually profitable by pumping

6. in Taobao, pat and other sites to open the shop, as long as there are good projects, or promotion to do a good job


7. such as Baidu library, Douding network, nipic released resources to make money, design resources, the resources of


8. craft to make money, homegrown products include website templates, audio clips or even your own ebook

9. create money, that is to write articles to make money. As the starting point on the achievements of many authors

10. public account

now many people love WeChat, then you must know WeChat and a number of public subscription number, if you have your own way to gather fans, then you can make a considerable profit, I know a few people do subscription now even monthly income in thirty thousand yuan.

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