Jiujiang college students the most beautiful documents are welcome

passport in our life is very common, but there are a lot of people for their passport can be said to be very satisfied, because the life of my passport to the whole picture, relatively inflexible, but the most beautiful Jiujiang studio can help you solve this problem.

in Luo Zi near Jiujiang University village residents on the first floor, a simple small sign hung on the door, go into a small room less than 30 square meters, decorated with photography lights, dresser and other equipment, the two founders of the studio is for the customer to carefully makeup, then the customer sitting in front of a blue screen shot. Reporters observed that the customer from the room into the shooting is completed, the two also pay attention to communicate with the customer amused, deliberately amused in the shooting to allow customers to produce a natural smile.

Yin said, "the most beautiful" is their goal, but also their spirit. In order to let the passport "Mei Da", they will give the customer makeup, and through communication to create a relaxed atmosphere, when shooting and customers pay attention to lighting expression, shooting late will do simple repairs to the photos, then rinse out to the customer hands.

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