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  • How to carry out entrepreneurship education in Colleges and Universities

    college students entrepreneurship has become a craze, but because of the general lack of entrepreneurial experience of college students, colleges and universities began to gradually entrepreneurship education into the teaching system. Even the idea that teachers should first take the lead in entrepreneurship, in order to have practical experience can be taught to students.

    <br: innovation="" and="" entrepreneurship="" education,="" of="" course="" not="" only="" need="" theory,="" but="" the="" teacher="" "the="" river="" for="" fish"="" is="" really="" an="" effective="" method?="" in="" final="" analysis="" to="" cultivate="" students'="" ability="" entrepreneurship.="" first="" all,="" dominant="" factor="" "thinking="" traditional="" teaching="" mode,="" from="" global="" experience,="" degree="" mode="" education="" very="" low,="" mainly="" skills="" training="" thinking="" participatory="" practice.="" secondly,="" if="" personally="" entrepreneurship,="" at="" best="" a="" personal="" extremely="" time-consuming="" also="" may="" be="" useful="" practical="" experience="" operation,="" through="" successful="" entrepreneurs="" share="" can="" fully="" realized,="" higher="" efficiency="" better.="" does="" itself="" must="" able="" operate="" project,="" as="" long="" students="" have="" good="" teacher,="" necessary="" condition="" teach="" money="" banking="" teachers="" do="" take="" bank="" counter?=""
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  • Open clothing store location to know those things

    is now in the social life of the basic necessities of life, clothing is a very important element, at the same time throughout the year, clothing store business is very hot, so the clothing store in the business, how to choose a good.

    to the clothing store to the site, looking for a suitable store, we must consider the following questions:

    1, the Regional District, is not suitable to operate the industry; if it is needed for mass consumption market, the location of the clothing store, you can consider the people keep a convenient transportation District, in order to increase the rate of visitors to increase revenues. But if it is necessary to emphasize the loyalty of the small consumer market, then consider the secondary business district to operate in order to reduce rent and other costs. read more

  • Three children’s toy business opportunities to be excavated

    to buy toys for their children, parents, grandparents, grandparents are willing to spend money, which also spawned the children’s toy market unlimited business opportunities. Royal Dilini learned from the relevant information, the proportion of total household expenditure on children’s consumption in China continues to increase. Urban children’s per capita toy spending was 35 yuan, the toy has become a new revenue generating point in the children’s consumer market. Theme toy store, toy DIY shop, toy rental store three maternal and child supplies market opportunities for consumer toys can be deep excavation. read more

  • How do the jewelry store million cost a lot

    although the jewelry industry is now a mature, but for inexperienced young people, want to do a good job in the jewelry industry is not easy, in general, the place is good with two or more conditions in the region, if we can all have, is the best jewelry shop. With the upsurge of entrepreneurial boom, roadside stores more and more, but in this array of accessories to join the store what trick can survive? In general, the jewelry shop has some common features, can be focused on the investigation and selection of the following area: area read more

  • How much money to invest in the spring barbecue buffet

    in the cafeteria buffet, buffet barbecue has always been more like the consumption of food and beverage, will naturally win the favor of investors. But as investors need to understand that this is a hot item, a variety of different buffet began to pop up, there are a lot of consumers to eat. But the buffet of the fierce competition, only by constantly improve the quality of a restaurant will attract consumers, spring barbecue buffet with excellent dining environment to gain consumer recognition, more and more people love spring barbecue buffet, a good brand of many people seriously, then how much money jiamengfei self-service barbecue spring read more

  • Teach you to shop crazy money five trick

    business people do. The meaning is that different people to do business, often have different results, the key is to look at each person’s business skill, today, the whole network to teach you to crazy money trick shop, they hope to run and will help to open investment.

    now choose to shop there are many people who make money, then you have no money to sell what trick? Not that open a shop will be able to make money, must have their own shop to make money trick it, here, Xiaobian for you to share a few money trick to help you shop, the shop to make money. read more

  • What are the characteristics of clothing stores in different regions

    clothing market has been well received by many people, many friends found that the same brand clothing store if the site is different, it is not the same business, and clothing stores have different characteristics. So, choose a different clothing store where there is a character like? The following small series with a look at the different characteristics of different locations for the clothing store


    clothing store location in general, there are some good sites. The characteristics of these features are: read more

  • How to run a small business skills sharing

    did you miss a lot of good projects because of limited funds? Do you want to do a little business? So, how to run a small business? The first venture small business, need to pay attention to what matters? The following small series for you to answer.

    How to manage

    <br small="" business?="" do="" business,="" in="" order="" to="" avoid="" failure,="" the="" first="" is="" look="" at="" your="" own="" conditions:="" industry="" experience,="" financial="" strength,="" personal="" ability,="" etc..="" second,="" even="" if="" you="" want="" find="" a="" reliable="" project,="" traditional="" projects,="" such="" as:="" clothing,="" cosmetics,="" snacks,="" canteen,="" jewelry="" and="" so="" on="" are="" good,="" business="" relatively="" simple.="" read more

  • How to do a good job in maternal and infant supplies industry brand

    now the baby products industry gradually developed, many people will look to our baby products industry, try to find one of the biggest business opportunities, but also to be careful with entrepreneurial passion at the same time.

    <br: first="" of="" all,="" to="" pay="" attention="" franchisees="" purchase="" channels,="" agency="" level,="" which="" is="" directly="" related="" the="" store="" commodity="" prices="" have="" competitive="" advantages.="" if="" manufacturers="" themselves="" in="" promotion="" brand="" stores,="" problem="" will="" be="" much="" simpler.=""
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  • How to open a moving company

    now the economy gradually to achieve the integration of development, so the move started to become parents. It is precisely because of the development of such a market situation, leading to moving companies are facing growing market. Moreover, the price of the moving company (regular moving company) are very transparent, moving companies are meager profit industry, net profit between 10%-15%, but also bear certain risks, so there is no profit.

    to open a new moving company to move from other companies to grab market share is also the need for considerable planning tools and solid handling workers. In short, you want to move the company to see if there is no other people do not have the advantage. Workers and drivers are the most important (because they are on the front line every day to deal with customers, always represent the image of the company). read more