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  • Shop name also need to check vulgar wind

    is now a lot of people in the time to shop name simply thought of creativity and personality, resulting in some names very vulgar, let passers-by to accept. Shop name, such as names, but also considered pulling the attention economy". Unfortunately, nowadays many shops to let people left "an indelible impression", to play in the idea of "vulgar", eye popping!

    Changsha Yuelu District Xianjia Lake Road, a named "asked the guest hotel for slaughter, said the hotel is the specialty of chicken, the name" Q "symbol" word?" Instead, the word "kill" is represented by a knife. A rabbit Azusa road and not connected any clothing store, to get attention and let people easy to remember, even to the clothing store named "jackrabbit"! read more

  • Where can we make money from the dry cleaners

    with improved quality of life, running a successful dry cleaning shop is a lot of entrepreneurs dream, with the dry cleaning industry in the development of life demand, many entrepreneurs chose to open a dry cleaners, let’s see, dry cleaning shop location, open can make money in where?

    <br: (1)="" the="" corner="" position:="" cross="" position="" is="" located="" at="" two="" street,="" "corner="" effect",="" often="" very="" ideal="" dry="" cleaners.="" its="" advantages="" are:="" can="" increase="" display="" area="" of="" window,="" streets="" flow="" people="" gathered="" here,="" there="" are="" more="" to="" patronize.="" in="" this="" opened="" a="" cleaners="" will="" attract="" customers="" come="" spend.=""
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  • Milk bar three secrets of money

    now people in the consumption of fresh milk has become increasingly strong, the investment to do it more and more people, more of them to join the milk bar. For many novice investors, how to make money milk it? There are three secrets for everyone to share.

    1: clean and clean store.

    milk it how to make money? An attractive to milk it is first his store renovation, a decoration personality, characteristic of the milk it can suddenly seize the attention of customers, make him want to go in and see the impulse, and the store clean clean, then a consumer’s mind will produce good decoration. Don’t spend a lot of money, it needs to give full play to your imagination, especially in the decoration work, a picture, a pot of delicate flowers and so on will play an unexpected effect. Of course, as a milk bar, health is the key to the whole thing, the store placed orderly, not disorderly, the bar / glass clean, these in the first sense a customer into the store’s heart. read more

  • The 330 million cast money to be wayward city

    The transformation of Guo Jingming from the film director

    novelist to be successful, recently, the "city" into a TV remake of the works, whether it is cast, and the special effects are very large, – cost $330 million, let netizens emotion, more people look forward to.

    recently, adapted from Guo Jingming’s novel of the same name, produced by Yao off the media, and not directed, Shen Zhining screenwriter, William Feng, Victoria Song, Ma Tianyu, Zhang Meng, Kim Hee Sun starring costume fantasy blockbuster IP "-" declared up smoothly. read more

  • Sichuan migrant workers concerned about entrepreneurship capital projects where to find

    With the gradual introduction of various types of entrepreneurial policies around the

    , the majority of migrant workers have returned to the idea of entrepreneurship. These entrepreneurs are most concerned about the issue is the source of venture capital and the choice of entrepreneurial projects.

    "this year out of work, they try to start at home. What want to grope, a stomach problem do not know what to ask? After the Spring Festival holiday, users’ Huanhuan tiger doubts, aroused the entrepreneurs on the network resonance. read more

  • The amount of investment in the pan cold noodle

    cold noodle is a very common delicacy in real life, there are a lot of people love. Cold noodle is Shaanxi, Henan, Gansu and other northern areas are very popular traditional snacks. Some areas due to different dialect pronunciation and called "Pi", the most famous Shaanxi cold noodle. Taste spicy, sweet and sour, spicy, spicy and other flavors. Cold noodle has a long history, it is said that from the time of Qin Shihuang, has had a history of more than two thousand years.

    cold noodle is a very common delicacy in real life, there are a lot of people love. Pan is a cold noodle now swept across the country to join the project, many investors and franchisees are optimistic about the project, what is the amount of investment of read more

  • Notebook top ten brands list

    computer has now become a family can not be a lack of electrical appliances, but with the convenience of people’s lives, notebook computers began to be more popular. Moreover, the laptop as a representative of the contemporary electronic products boom, its replacement is fast. It is not more than the desktop, can be assembled with a free mix, so we buy the brand reference is a key factor. Here, the small series on the introduction of the top ten notebook brands, so that consumers can make a better choice for freedom. read more

  • Taobao sellers riot shop investors can not be ignored seven points

    recently, Taobao two charges rose 5 times to 15 times, because of dissatisfaction with a substantial increase in the threshold of the Taobao mall plan, Taobao mall yesterday, thousands of small sellers together, focus on the malicious attacks on some big sellers of Taobao mall, the shops discontinued operations. Taobao subsequently issued a tough statement that will not give up because of threats and intimidation. Alibaba CEO Ma On micro-blog, said: will insist, because we believe in their own decisions, we do the most things to do." So in the choice of online investment, investors should pay attention to what? read more

  • Small sushi shop location proposal

    investment small sushi shop requires only a small amount of money for small entrepreneurs to invest. If you are a novice, the location is not very clear, you can learn a lot of successful experience, master more site skills, more helpful for their own business.

    1, small sushi shop location elements: crowd

    The crowds and traffic statistics

    <br is="" a="" very="" tedious="" and="" time-consuming,="" but="" totally="" worth="" your="" time="" effort="" to="" put="" these="" ! read more

  • The development of home building materials supermarket chain business model

    home building materials supermarket chain development prospects are very good, mainly because of the huge market demand. Traditional business model still adapt to the modern development of the market? Many franchisees want to get a clear answer. Open the building materials store stalls system to choose this way to promote it? Let’s take a look.

    <br: first="" of="" all,="" the="" basic="" characteristics="" market="" stalls="" business="" is="" mainly="" to="" wholesale="" with="" retail,="" property="" management="" system="" take="" traditional.="" not="" most="" managers="" experience,="" no="" professional="" knowledge="" furniture="" and="" building="" materials="" main="" economic="" source="" income;="" charged="" by="" stall="" rent;="" venue="" facilities="" environment="" poor,="" some="" non="" heating="" facilities,="" unified="" goods="" display="" lighting="" or="" conditions="" very="" low;="" businesses="" do="" provide="" information="" (storage,="" transportation,="" distribution,="" etc.)="" services;="" for="" method="" adopted="" penalty="" based="" small="" scale="" businesses;="" lack="" competitiveness="" scattered="" easy.=""
    These characteristics lead to

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