Share site optimization method

Layout selection and reference layout using F type hierarchy. The head and the left as the key content, the best in the title or keywords and key sentences. This is the key to increase the density can also reflect the focus of the site content. No, the error code and clear navigation site. 2. station […]

Read the internal structure of 360buy -title title see the website title setting method

in the setting method of title, should make appropriate adjustments according to the type of site, such as "brand – brand characteristics, brand linked keywords + modification, modification method to improve brand relevance, which is now the general electricity supplier website publicity road. title title is the first point: the brand image of on the […]

Analysis of the impact on the search optimization algorithm to update after love Shanghai

Although the garbage Update the speed and depth of love Shanghai algorithm for frequent updates and also suffered its own, if Shanghai does not love can efficiently provide useful information to users, the attraction to the user will drop, from that point of view, but also because of the intense competition forced Shanghai to innovate […]

360 March China No.1 launched an independent brand search search search

tomorrow is January 6, 2015, you will witness another important moment in the history of the 360. 360 search will be officially launched an independent brand, good search (haosou贵族宝贝), the original domain name (so贵族宝贝) can continue to use. launched an independent brand "search", is intended to China search the first goal of full advance. Have […]

Talk about how to update the website content and content of writing skills

2, the material from where to find? Website update material is the key material, it is not difficult to find love in Shanghai? " two: a content rich website to retain users website "three virtues main requirements when the need to update the website updates some standard specifications. These requirements are intended to enhance the […]

The title of the party to be Shanghai dragon ER inspiration Shanghai dragon only skills

in such a situation, even if the information you really meaningful to the audience, if your information title is not attractive, you are very difficult to achieve better marketing results, in this information over communication times, and there is not a unique value of information is irreplaceable. " is the title of the party "to […]

Yao Jingang how do the Shanghai dragon controlled on

4) once found the site is not in accordance with the expected schedule, you can consider the adjustment of Shanghai Longfeng scheme, added to the data did not keep up with the Shanghai dragon. Simple to say that under various external factors changing to adjust Shanghai Longfeng implementation scheme, which is a team, not a […]

Capital winter, liquidity crisis, IPO acceleration three new board opened back group model, red enve

has summed up several key factors, such as: the stock market crash, the winter capital, liquidity crisis, IPO acceleration etc.. Such a reason sounds reasonable, but can not explain why the A shares next door has been a topic of continuous, vibrant IPO non-stop, beautiful 50 show awe inspiring. To explain why the Nasdaq stock […]

Original writing, search oriented, adhere to quality optimization, Youdao

although search engines are constantly optimizing algorithms, with a view to more accurate judgment of website quality, enhance user experience. However, no matter how the search engine changes, how to make people think uncertain, high-quality content without exception, more and more attention. Early general master will optimize the essence of "content is king, the link […]

IP can access Baidu related websites

January 12, 2010, Tuesday, for many Chinese, it’s just a very ordinary day. However, for the world of Baidu search users speaking, but it is a very sad day: this day, the hearts of their information library, Baidu.com domain name can not access. because DNS parsing changes will take some time to implement, and therefore […]