To reduce the 9 bounce rate method

3. mobile phone version of the websiteThe use of website bounce rate to a certain extent on the user experience level, whether the site is attractive to users, search engine is one of the important factors to the rating of the website. Our Shanghai dragon industry fast row, a lot of people quickly by clicking […]

The film station’s love story

today do not want to talk about the hard work of website, not to talk about their own understanding of the network and views, all technical problems temporarily put aside, just want to talk about as a student station identity I, how is love?. origins · encounters , her name is Ling Ling, a little […]

Decrypt the top ten profits of the industry’s first glasses industry profits why 300%

  believe that everyone around, there is no lack of "four eyes" small partners, so, glasses become essential items. Many people have heard of such a jingle: "30 frames, 300 yuan sell you speak out, 400 yuan to sell you are talking about friendship, 500 yuan to sell you the market", the profit space is […]

Jiande strawberry farmers out of Gansu will be planted throughout the country

rural areas of entrepreneurship is gradually on the right track, rich agricultural resources for rural entrepreneurs have a unique advantage, as soon as possible to create a unique and entrepreneurial market.

Shop location has four rules to pay attention to help you

investment shop entrepreneurs want to find a good lot, with a good facade room, so as to be able to create a shop popularity. As the saying goes: whether black or white, as long as it catches mice; seven regardless of eight principles methods, to be able to choose a good site is a good […]

How to join the cattle tenderloin Patty shopkeeper

How about the beef shopkeeper fillet? Has always been very popular food. For the small business of the franchisee, the choice of business owners to join the beef cattle tenderloin project, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities. The cow shopkeeper fillet meat pie, are you ready? cattle shopkeeper filet is a […]

National People’s Congress responded in an endless stream of charity scandal overdraft credibility

Chinese people are very fond of charity, but, in recent years, an endless stream of charitable scandals, so that people do not dare to donate freely. In response to this phenomenon, the National People’s Congress responded in an endless stream of charity scandal overdraft credibility".

Glasses shop is to choose to join or set up their own shop

is now a lot of people are aware of the glasses industry profits, entrepreneurs are more interested in such an industry, however, the glasses shop, someone said, the store is too small, the face of increasingly fierce competition, struggling to survive, not to mention the development, also some people said that the store was too […]

Hot pot business is booming business principles

now is the winter, in fact, in this season every year, it is a good season to eat Hot pot, at this time, the shop business is booming Hot pot often, so in the winter of 2015, Hot pot shop to Business Flourishes, all need to pay attention to what? to enter the Hot pot […]

Jiangsu took the lead in promoting the sponge city construction by the state financial allocations

The construction of city need to have a good planning, recently, in Jiangsu City, sponge construction was first proposed, in fact, this is also in line with the needs of the local social and economic development, because Jiangsu is a coastal province, some city waterlogging phenomenon under heavy rain weather is very common. us rain […]