Feeling – and beating – the heat

We are now into the third day of a blistering heat wave, and this one is expected to be the most intense.Temperatures reached 35 in downtown Hamilton at midday, and the humidity is making it fell even hotter. With a heat warning in effect, public swims are free in many communities. Splash pads are also getting lots of visitors.Authorities are warning not to leave kids or pets in the car. Take them with you or leave your dog at home.CHCH News spoke to some people at Confederation Park and asked how they are dealing with the heat and the best way to care for the animals. “You have to make sure they got a lot of water and take her in for a swim and let her cool off.”“Just drinking lots of water and making sure we have sunscreen on.”“Don’t forget your hat.”“Lots of water. Lots and lots of water.”“Breaks if you are exercising and maybe a cold beer when you are done. Don’t forget sunscreen. Lots of sunscreen.” In Georgetown, west of Brampton, a one year old wandered away from a splash pad and suffered second-degree burns on his feet. GO Transit trains are operating a little slower than usual. The heat is causing the metal tracks to expand, which could result in minor buckling. It could add five to 10 minutes to commute times until the heat wave passes. Video of a train in Australia shows it hitting what is called a sun kink, which rattles the train and could potentially cause a derailment. We will see a decrease in temperatures toward the end of the week and rolling into the weekend, but the humidity levels are going to stay quite high. For those who have been waiting for this hot, hazy, humid weather, you are getting what you asked for. And for those who don’t like it, you will have to be patient.

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