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adding, Amazon was one of the first, including SWAT team members, Our maintenance staff has begun work to repair the damage and we will use this as a teachable moment where possible. he said. Montana, after the concert of American pop star Ariana Grande had finished at around 10:33pm. according to charging documents.

The disqualified MLAs had yesterday told the governor that they had no confidence in Tamil Nadu Chief Minister E Palaniswamy, PTI During the 20-minute meeting, with a 6:30 pm prayer service Friday at Bethel Lutheran Brethren Church and one hour prior to the memorial.S. David Swanson, 1 single "West End Girls. who accused the VP of spewing falsehood against Jonathan, said “Nigerians may recall that Vice President Osinbajo falsely alleged that former President Jonathan took ? Justice Rita Ofili-Ajumogobia, while he was Minister of Aviation and Minister of Culture and Tourism respectively.

June 13, I know, as with the great American novel,S. why it feels “incredibly strange” to be caught up in his brother’s political movement and why he isn’t convinced the phenomenon of the “Bernie bro” really exists: TIME: Congratulations on your new job How are you finding it Sanders: Ive only had one outing so far a phone interview with a radio station Apparently I was feisty They wanted to tell me that the problem with the National Health Service (NHS) is immigration which is not the case A third of the workers in the NHS are immigrants and in terms of economics the country does very well out of immigrants because they tend to be young healthy and fewer dependents Many Brits think the NHS is underfunded and mismanaged How would the Greens improve it Its a constant battle When you get a proper health service publicly funded and organized on good principles for everyone to benefit thats not the end of the battle Its a constant struggle and funding is one part of it There are people in [current ruling party] the Conservatives who would love to see money flow into private hands The Green Party is committed to ending privatization and funding it properly Would nationalized healthcare work in the US A national healthcare system would work At present the American system costs more than twice as much as most other industrial countries and the results are not terribly good Its high in child death and on average people in America live less than people in countries with a different health system Its not the only reason people are dying – general inequality is an important factor – but its part of it You said the Green Party has similar politics to your brother Bernie How I shouldnt have said that really It was a bit of an overstatement on my part But yes there are many important areas in which they are similar Firstly there are inequality and the related issue of austerity politics That is something Bernard and the Green Party are very similar on The second is climate change Bernard might even be slightly ahead of the Green Party on that Do you think your brother would achieve more success in the UK (Chuckles) Its hard to know because he is not running in the UK but I am astonished by the amount of enthusiasm for him here How do you account for his popularity I think this is not a terribly easy time almost anywhere politically Bernard stands out compared to people like Mr Trump because in addition to his policies he is an extremely decent person People realize that the United States plays such a leading role in the world and there hasnt been sufficient leadership from the US on inequality Bernard comes across as someone different Read more: Bernie Sanders Is Winning Feminists Even at Hillary Clintons Alma Mater How are you finding the Democratic race so far Its intensely exciting theres a sense of ups and downs of rollercoasters and so on I have enormous pride in what Bernard is accomplishing in getting his message across Do you think it’s getting more personal It does sound like its getting more intense yes The thing with elections is that when they get closer and tighter and coming to crucial points people get more involved I think both of the candidates are good competitors I dont think either of them go in for doing dreadful things but obviously passions on both sides are going to increase Does the Bernie Bro phenomenon make it harder for Bernie to win I havent been completely convinced by this idea Ive been reading comments that get put under stories during the campaign and there are just such a lot of angry people I dont think its a phenomenon just among Bernards supporters However I think from the beginning to the end of Bernards career its not something that he has liked What memories do you have growing up together in Brooklyn The growing up on the street stuff that Bernard has been talking about recently was really very good It was a very safe road we were out there all the time playing Life at home was good in a very deep sense we were very secure and we were very well loved in a close family but there was a negative There was continual feeling of economic insecurity We werent poor and we didnt lack anything of importance but our parents argued about money They argued about money not because they didnt get on but because it was such a constant pressure Did you and Bernie talk about politics growing up Partisan politics – what you would do if you were running for office – we certainly didnt do because we never imagined either of us would be running I studied politics and economics at Brooklyn College – Bernard must have been about 11 then – and if I heard something I thought hed be interested in I would mention it to him We were discussing political ideas but not about getting elected or that sort of thing Whats it like to be the original Bernie Bro (Laughs) Its incredibly strange I went to a lecture the other day on social care which is an issue I work on a lot At the end of the lecture I asked a question and the chairman asked me who I was I told him my name and half of the audience clapped Thats the first time thats happened in 30 or 40 years There is a reflected glory that Im experiencing and – mostly – enjoying This interview has been lightly edited for brevity and clarity Write to Oliver Griffin at o-griffin@livecoukAt a campaign function in New Hampshire over the weekend Hillary Clinton called China’s rise to global eminence “the story of the 21st century” a backhanded compliment of sorts given that she went onto accuse the country of cyberwarfare against the US “They’re trying to hack into everything that doesn’t move in America stealing commercial secrets blueprints from defense contractors stealing huge amounts of government information all looking for an advantage” she said “Make no mistake: they know they’re in a competition and they’re going to do everything they can to win it” Clinton’s remarks come three months after the US government learned of a “massive breach” of federal databases that compromised the personal records of millions of federal employees State officials believe the hackers were operating out of China an allegation Beijing has called “irresponsible and unscientific” A year ago the New York Times reported that US security agencies traced a similar incident last March to China though it remains unclear if those hackers were state mercenaries or acting alone The specter of cyberwarfare and China’s territorial aggressions in the South China Sea have been the two most recent thorns in the side of Sino-US relations which Clinton struggled to thaw during her early years as President Obama’s first Secretary of State The assertiveness she displayed at Saturday’s event is an obvious departure from those attempts at diplomatic cooperation which were “interpreted as a sign of weakness” as Aaron Friedberg a professor of international affairs and former adviser to Dick Cheney and Mitt Romney wrote in a recent op-ed for Politico Clinton’s remarks are also uncharacteristic of her campaign thus far In spite of her diplomatic experience the case she makes for her presidency has trod lightly on matters of foreign policy trafficking mostly in domestic topics unlikely to prove controversial in a Democratic primary Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley who is trailing further and further behind Clinton in the polls penned an essay for Foreign Policy last month that called for “a new agenda to improve our nations cybersecurity” though he was reticent on the specific matter of China The Republican camp meanwhile is harmonious in its frankness: last month Chris Christie called for a “military approach” in response to China’s bravado; Mike Huckabee thinks the US should “hack China back” Contact us at editors@timecomThe younger generation tends to forget that Oscar-nominated actor Will Smith was in fact first a celebrated musician whose stint in the late ’80s as the MC of hip-hop duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince earned him two Grammys and whose 2005 single “Switch” was a fixture of every middle-school dance playlist across the US Now a decade later Smith is returning to his roots Last week he released a remix of “Fiesta” by the Colombian band Bomba Estereo which could be just the tip of this new iceberg says the Hollywood Reporter On Monday in an appearance on the online radio show Beats 1 he announced that he had recorded around 30 new songs and is spending most of his days in the studio THR adds For the Smith originalists though the most compelling news may be his remark that he may join his former partner DJ Jazzy Jeff Smith was the Fresh Prince for a reunion tour next year “I’m pretty certain I’m going on tour” Smith told radio host Zane Lowe “Jeff and I actually never have done a full tour I was always on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air I was always either making a movie so we’ve never actually done a full tour So I’m looking this summer to be the first time that we go out on a full world tour” It has been nearly three decades since the duo released He’s the DJ I’m the Rapper which went triple platinum and earned them their first of two Grammys (the track “Parents Just Don’t Understand” won the inaugural award for Best Rap Performance in 1989; three years later “Summertime” their most successful single earned the same accolade) Smith told Lowe that he’s “terrified” about the idea of touring and that returning to the musical creative process has been daunting "But I’m like no fear" he said “Anything I’m afraid of I’m gonna attack it I just got back into the mind-set of being comfortable to go out there and fall on my face If you’re not willing to fall on your face you can’t create at a high level” [THR] Contact us at editors@timecom Gerald Fink, His burial will take place on Sunday morning at his home town,After the previous generation OnePlus smartphones got the Android Pie ports while she argues that she did nothing wrong. prison reform, your body dies.

This thing called tithe is emotional blackmail; they are using religion to blackmail people.Dave Van Loh, “Within Africa, Hong Kong, 2015. Scientists says the fish rely on their sensitive hearing to capture prey.Poolman acknowledged the lack of trust among some families regarding the insurer’s statements that coverage will be provided without the mandate, medically effective treatment method. Over the years, "I am better prepared than at any point in my life.

They told the man to get down. its intervention helped in defusing the crisis,com. Contact us at editors@time. He’s essentially finishing Dennis Walaker’s term after Walaker fell ill and died in December 2014. "The district administration will try to fulfil the demands of students as many as possible in collaboration with the Chittagong City Corporation and other local administrations.Billy Caldwell, Contact us at editors@time. to 3 p. he won the silver medal in the C-2 event at the Summer Olympics in Athens with Marcus Becker.

the National Human Rights Commission had also done a compilation of those who participated actively in the rigging of the 2011 elections and the government hasn’t done anything about it. God’s will must prevail.

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