How do there is a correlation between the high quality of the chain of combat skills

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love Shanghai chain algorithm, last year and this year is striking one snag after another algorithm is always in batch, and garbage soft Wen, signature, not related to the chain are within the scope of punishment, made us feel Shanghai dragon will be scorched by the flames, the hair of the chain, but the chain so that we won’t do it? I personally feel inappropriate, not outside the chain to promote ranking, relying on content to push is not scientific!! too time-consuming effort have!! so how do the chain to promote the rankings and not be loved in Shanghai bored? Only take time to do the chain related to high quality do the chain, value chain, Shanghai needs sex. I give you said:

also belongs to the high weight of the chain, but due to a lot of trouble are not registered to do some large-scale e-commerce platform of two level and three level, four level domain.

: general search Wikipedia information can be written to expand 3-5, we finished a can expand data link to previous entries, and add all the Wikipedia soso outside the chain, don’t let weight loss. An entry after entry, occasionally can put a beginning for the entry, so that the sprocket is closed, the effect is more outstanding. Of course in some grey industry, we can also use this technique to do together with the chain search Wikipedia website and can effectively avoid being K, as before the station group and blog with the same reason.

if your website content belongs to the popular content, search Wikipedia has been collected, then you can go to modify the relevant contents of entry, general search Wikipedia content quality is certainly more than love the Shanghai encyclopedia, you have no control, see where is not the same, there is not a kind of direct copy in, then the following add your link, change the reason which is not content with. Change the search Wikipedia is relatively simple, but the basic snapshot update slow, after 35 days will update snapshot, so you can batch to do.

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I scrape words? No, is to give the new look, the old man can look back and find the relevant forum forum, or related columns; blog built and their website content related blogs; the best content is valuable, the needs of users, whether copy or write their own.

e-commerce platform

this friendship provides search encyclopedia sprocket approach, to increase the number of spider crawling on the inside, there is definitely help to update the snapshot, but also can make the page weight is not lost to other search Wikipedia website, the accumulation of some of the weight of our site, and the method is simple and effective.

this is simple, if your website content is more loopholes, to search Wikipedia have included search related products or content, if not, create their content to love the Shanghai encyclopedia, Wikipedia, in the reading or reference on your website keywords and links.

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forum and blog

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