How to optimize the user experience from Shanghai Dragon

improvement for the website needs to adjust for the site of the target population were analyzed, then the design details on the site on the appropriate improvements, such as web design style, color collocation, page layout, page size, picture display, font size, site LOGO space, to achieve the purpose is, when a user into the […]

Website optimization more days for Austria and deserve to win

            decryption: what is the right time?             Shanghai Longfeng needs to do to make the site a little green leaves red what is Shanghai dragon talent shows itself, technology? Why do some people do not understand the Shanghai dragon still get a higher flow, […]

The site is down right reflects the first four aspects

! is a good site operation will not be dropped if it is It is without rhyme or reason. K, K, so that the website search engine touched the bottom line, and the search engine is not to be challenged, because you always hurt the challenge, your website and your heart. A good website ranking […]

Through the competitive status of Wangzhuan togetherGiant entrance, werewolves kill track, entrepren

, but the user hasn’t been fully developed yet. According to the big data APP monitoring platform, in January 2017, the wolf killed APP installed capacity in 1 million 660 thousand, and by June, has reached 32 million 420 thousand; APP penetration has increased from 0.18% to 3.60%. when they enter, and in the six […]

Tourism community is not dead, the door plus community or into a breakthrough model

[i] Baidu, Alibaba, black guide Tencent to increase attention and investment in online travel; Ctrip, eLong has successfully listed in the United States, where has started listing application documents to the SEC; iResearch 2013 second quarter online travel market report: 2013 China online travel market transactions reached 50 billion 900 million yuan; 2012 release of […]

Interactive Encyclopedia American wiki model can succeed in China

1995, Vicky (wiki) technology founder of American Ward · Canin is developed based on Web was developed on the basis of Wiki technology, then, the father of Jimmy Welsh · wiki; the Wiki technology from the laboratory to the Internet, creating the world’s first website, Wikipedia encyclopedia. The so-called wiki is an open, multi player […]

Site filing tossing the whole process to share

in May 10th, the site for the record finally settled, I can not think of this super super efficient tube: submitted the day before yesterday, the day after tomorrow through. Recall the Nanning talent network [] the station because of a series of record number of events, really can use the "The path winds along […]

Parse wood spring journal eighteenth article — Title Party

2014, the first week of November, all kinds of busy. before writing this article, I would like to ask the students who are often writing articles. Are you the title party? What do you think is the most important thing about writing? probably many people think that the most important content, of course, there are […]

Hefei city life website analysis and cooperation program sharing

of the Hefei city life Hefei network is an institution under the banner of the portal site Business Herald, the website mainly provides newspaper electronic version of the download and some Hefei people’s livelihood information, due to the diversified development, the leadership of the company seeking to find a breakthrough in the network, put forward […]

Personal webmaster, don’t dream and youth bet on the web site

I began to have gradually to the webmaster this year I have greatly discerning and apprehending, after years in the Internet marketer, when back to think about themselves, feel particularly want to say some truth to those beginners make friends, hope you can from my experience, how much inspired, perhaps I do not speak well, […]