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  • The judge orders the judicial administration of Malaga

    first_imgThis resolution is not yet firm and the sheikh and his children have a five days to appeal it to the judge and, subsequently, they could also file an appeal before the Provincial Court. As APA’s lawyer Francisco Valverde acknowledged on Tuesday, the report issued by the judicial police after the records carried out in La Rosaleda and the documentation provided by the Higher Sports Council have played a very important role in this court decision . The judge instructing the complaint of the Association of Small Shareholders of Malaga against the Al Thani family has estimated the request of the Prosecutor’s Office and has issued a ruling decreeing the judicial administration of the club. In that order, José María Muñoz Jiménez appoints the judicial administrator of Malaga for a period of six months that can be automatically extended for similar periods.The holder of the court of instruction number 14 of Malaga asks the Al Thani family, in addition, a bond of 5.4 million, amount that the president of the club and his children owe to the coffers of the club for several personal loans and two lines of credit that are open with the blue and white entity, as published by AS today. The car also picks up a warning of seizure of assets in case the Al Thani do not meet this economic requirement.last_img read more

  • Nation’s Road Network Needs Urgent GOL Priority

    first_imgMany Liberian socio-economic and political commentators have always reminded the  government that a good road network should be one of the nation’s top priorities.These commentators have also stressed that 99 percent of what Liberians do in terms of movement, interaction and economic activity, depend a very good road network throughout the country.They have further emphasized that that kind of road network would also boost vibrant economic and political activities throughout the country in 2014 and beyond.  Liberians, including farmers and business people have endured deplorable road condition for years.Urban markets, including supermarkets and restaurants depend on locally produced commodities from rural Liberia to enhance profit and meet the huge demands from Monrovia’s staggering population of 1.2 million.Education & Impediments:One commentator squarely reminded the Liberian Government that the best equipped school could be built in rural Liberia. However, if the road leading to that community where the school is, is in a deplorable condition, monitoring and supervision become illusive.Another nightmare the people have always asked for is the construction of medical posts in most of the remotest towns, including Lukasu, several miles from the Kolahun district headquarters in Lofa County.Several community colleges have been established in some strategic parts of Liberia in order to deter the huge urban migration by the nation’s youth in search of education.Reports gathered from those community colleges continue to herald difficulties in the timely provision of educational materials.If such conditions exist with large institutions, then what will become of a school placed in the remote village of Boutou, in Nimba County?Health & Medical Provision:The Liberian Government and support development partners have constructed many medical facilities in some hard-to-reach communities in both urban and rural Liberia.The intents and purposes according to health authorities are for Liberians and foreigners to have access and affordable medical care at certain point in time.A nurse assigned at health post in Lukasu, Lawou Kazarku told the Observer that they see their supervisors and others   associated with the health center, once in a blue moon—all owing to the deplorable condition of the road especially during the Rainy Season.Lawou, however, underscored the need for sustained and uninterrupted services to such remote parts of the country in order to ensure the safety and protection of rural Liberians.Nurse Kazarku concluded by urging the Liberian Government and support partners to prioritize for sustained services to rural Liberians in 2014 and beyond.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

  • Fix non-functioning traffic lights

    first_imgDear Editor,It is about time the Ministry of Public Infrastructure fix the numerous traffic lights in and around the city which are not working properly and are a traffic menace.The light, for instance, where I drive every day: at the corner of Mandela Avenue and Joseph Pollydore Street, has been flashing red, it seems, forever. I have personally seen drivers totally confused at that point.The lights at the junctions of Sheriff Street are either on or off at peculiar times; they have nothing to do with traffic flow, and are not working at all.Yours sincerely,Kit Nascimentolast_img read more

  • National Independence: The Responsibility of an Educated Person

    first_imgIn this third article of the series on the indispensable role of education in national recovery and development particular attention is paid to the role of the educated in society. What then is the role of the truly educated in society? The second article on the question of “Who is an educated person?” or “What is education?” highlighted the following key points:The question “who is an educated person” implies the purpose of education. The word education has all sorts of meanings and connotations. Its origin, educare, means to lead out. Education occurs when, knowledge, skills and habits are formed, through teaching, training and research, usually transferred from one person or generation to another. Another definition of education is any experience that has a formative influence on a person is a form of education.Education can be formal. Formal education is usually well structured and involves learning lots of theories and formulae. It can be informal like the poro or sandi societies or apprenticeship by observing and doing (practical).Whatever form it takes the overall purpose or objective of education is to cultivate competence, efficiency, and to build character.Martin Luther King, Jr. sees the purpose of education as two-fold: (1) utility—to make people useful and to be able to contribute to the wellbeing of society; and (2) character—to instill lasting values in people. Lasting values include putting God first, integrity (honesty, fairness to self and others), hard work, sharing the good things of life (God’s blessings) with others, and respecting the feelings, opinions and rights of others. Competence and efficiency without character or morals could be dangerous. A trained mind without morals could be the worst criminal! That person could use his/her well developed mind for dishonorable purposes! For example, some of the IT gurus are Cyber criminals (rogues)!  A well educated person is one who is equipped to live a better life and to help others live better lives.What then is such a person’s responsibility to society? Some people see education as a means to acquiring lots of wealth, having access to power, and for having social prestige and respectability, and thereby to abuse power and people, and to look down upon others who are less privileged than they. But the essence of true education is to make the educated person useful to God and serviceable to society. How?Let us begin with God. To be serviceable to oneself, family, Church, community and society at large one must first be useful to God, the Creator and Sustainer of all of life. The religious factor or element of life is key to understanding mankind and its needs and solutions. Martin Luther King, Jr. puts it right when wrote that if we get our theology (our understanding of who God is and requires of us; God-talk) wrong then our anthropology (our understanding of man) will be wrong. Man was created in the image of God to worship and enjoy fellowship with him. We were all made for worship and if we refuse to worship God we will worship money, power, another person and other created things. But worship must we. So the supreme purpose of man’s existence is to know God, worship him, do his will and enjoy him forever. Jesus puts it beautifully and accurately: “seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you as well” (Matthew 6:33).The first duty of every person is to know that you are a servant of God; I am a servant of God. The word servant sometime has a negative connotation today but from a biblical perspective it is a noble word. All the great men and women of the Bible are called servants of God: Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Deborah, Peter, and Paul.The second primary duty is to know your calling or vocation, the specific task or mission you were made for. Rick Warren in his famous book, The Purpose Driven Life: Why Am I on Earth, argues forcefully that you and I need to know the specific purpose (career or calling) of our lives. It is that which you were made for and have a passion for; enjoy doing and you do not need urging to do.The role of an educated person in society in summary is to serve self, family, Church, community and society at large. A person who has acquired a sound education, accompanied by a strong moral character, is obliged to contribute more to the wellbeing of society than those less educated or with no formal education all. The Bible says, “to whom much is given must is expected” (Luke 12:48). The role of an educated person in society is to promote the goodness of that society: peace, economic empowerment for the less fortunate and vulnerable groups, advocating and working hard for the protection and advancement of the rights of all, and the education of all in all manners and forms.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

  • Ellen Acknowledges Kenya’s Progress on Women’s Empowerment

    first_imgAccording to a dispatch from Nairobi, President Sirleaf made the opening remarks as guest at an International Forum on Women in Business organized by the International Trade Center (ITC) and co-sponsored by the government of Kenya and Kenya Association of Manufacturers.  She said her administration has been able to make remarkable progress aimed at increasing the number of young girls enrolled in school at the rate of 50 percent through a package that supports their stay in school. At the level of supporting women, especially those at the small scale ratio, she said her government is providing support to market women and farmers who she described as the backbone of a resiliently emerging economy. She paid tribute to women in the face of numerous challenges they have to surmount as they cross various borders, travel to China, Dubai and other parts of the world in order to take their own destiny in their hands. She stressed the need for access to loans, skills transfer in managing their businesses, adding that technology remains critical towards the overall efforts to empower women. She said in the composition of her Cabinet, the crucial positions of Finance, Justice and Foreign Affairs, conventionally not held by women, were filled by female appointees. She thanked the Kenyan people who through constitutional amendments have allotted 30 percent of positions in government for women while at the same time enshrining in their constitution that the positions of Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security be occupied by women. President Sirleaf recounted nearly two decades of civil conflict that had plagued Liberia but noted that when she took the reins of leadership, the immediate focus was to put in place different fundamentals to accelerate the recovery and rebuilding processes. Amid her administration’s determination to empower women, she informed the forum about the legislation of a Land Rights Bill, which will enable communities to own, develop and sell land while at the same time position women for land ownership, which has not been the case.center_img President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has acknowledged Kenya’s tremendous strides towards the empowerment of women that gives them voice, equal participation, visibility, and access in all shades of life, and that it is imperative for Liberia to learn from the Kenyan model. Madam Sirleaf added that her government enacted the Small Business Act that provides that 25 percent of public procurement should be set aside for Liberian-owned businesses that are dominated by women. President Sirleaf called for partnership if women are to make the kind of progress that will raise their level of empowerment and prepare them for the competitive world of the 21st Century.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) The President termed 2015 as a momentous year, which saw the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the related financing component and the landmark adoption of COP 21, the dispatch from Nairobi stated.  last_img read more

  • Motel getting makeover

    first_imgCity ordinances prohibit motels from renting out rooms to customers for more than 28 consecutive days. Once that time is exceeded, guests must relocate. Wang said he had trouble with guests who stayed beyond the 28-day limit. “Some people were long-term customers, and that kind of customer gave me a headache. We don’t need that,” he said. “After the upgrade, we’re renting it only for in-and-out \.” City code enforcement officials have cited him for health-code violations, including mildew in some of the units, the owner said. Officials urged him to renovate the rooms, or face losing his operating license. “Certainly people have recognized that there have been ongoing issues there for some time,” Spencer said. “The conditions there have not been good, and I think that’s recognized by everyone there, including the owner.” PICO RIVERA – Officials have cracked down on a motel where inspectors discovered numerous code violations, forcing the owner to make repairs – and quickly. “The city is saying that this motel is too old-fashioned,” said Jack Wang, 53, the owner of the Lancer Motel, 4335 Rosemead Blvd. “They’re riding my back, and we’re kind of hurrying to do the remodeling.” Wang said workers have spent the past few weeks ripping out walls and flooring, eliminating kitchenettes and otherwise restoring the 57-unit complex to its original purpose as an overnight inn. “There are people there that have been using the motel as a place of residence,” said Bob Spencer, spokesman for Pico Rivera. Capt. Mike Rothans, of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Pico Rivera Station, said Wang has been cooperative with officials in remedying the problems. Officials became aware of the conditions after deputies paid visits there over the past year. “It’s been gradually a progression of working with \ on some other issues, and then these code issues came up,” Rothans said. “That’s when they started discovering some of these problems.” Wang said most of his units are vacant now that renovations are under way. City inspectors are due to visit again on Wednesday, officials said. But Irene Trujillo, 58, who does not live at the Lancer, said she was upset that Wang had evicted some families to make way for the renovation work. “These families can’t be thrown out onto the street; they have children,” she said. “I know housing has gotten expensive, but they need to help these people.” Wang said he gave guests sufficient notice to move out. Liz Rivas, 44, who said she has stayed on and off at the motel for the past five years, blamed most of the problems there on untidy tenants. “The families that moved out destroyed those rooms,” Rivas said. “That’s the tenants’ fault because they wouldn’t let the maids go in and clean. If you’re going to be staying here, you need to keep the place clean. It’s business. You screw up, you’re out.” (562) 698-0955, Ext. 3024 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

  • 9-1-1 call “lost” in death of Tumbler Ridge man

    first_imgHe was found unconscious and taken to the clinic more than eight hours after he left home, but was unable to be revived. His wife Faye noticed the next day that he had made a 30 second call to 9-1-1 that afternoon, which the RCMP dispatch centre confirms was answered, but where it went after that is unknown. However, police told the newspaper that the call was not dropped, meaning it was likely being transferred to B.C. Ambulance when it was lost. BCAS can’t say yet whether it received the call or not, and the incident is now being investigated. – Advertisement -Faye Mease is quoted as saying she believes her husband would still be alive if emergency services had been deployed, and wants to sue whoever is responsible, arguing it was hypothermia that killed him, not the heart attack.To read the full Tumbler Ridge News article, click here.Advertisementlast_img read more

  • Mourinho claims he ‘didn’t insult’ Juve in celebration row

    first_imgTrailing to a superb strike from former United star Cristiano Ronaldo, the visitors hit back thanks to Juan Mata’s fine free-kick before Leonardo Bonucci’s own goal clinched the points.Mourinho responded in typically controversial fashion as the United manager marched onto the pitch at the final whistle with his hand cupped to one ear.“In a beautiful Italian city, they insulted me for 90 minutes. I didn’t insult them. I just made a little thing,” he told BT Sport.“I know the millions of Inter fans are happy with that. But I respect Juventus, their players, the manager, the quality they have.”The gesture was meant to ask the Juventus fans why they were no longer taunting him, as they had throughout the game to reference to his time as manager of their rivals Inter Milan.Mourinho had also clashed with Juventus in the reverse fixture at Old Trafford when he held three fingers up to away fans, in reference to the treble he won with Inter in 2010.Bonucci was furious and confronted Mourinho, who was quickly escorted down the tunnel by a member of United’s backroom staff before the explosive situation could escalate.However Juve coach Massimiliano Allegri played down the controversy.“Everyone has their own personal reactions and how they celebrate. I can’t say whether he’s right or wrong,” he said.– ‘Big victory’ –United’s thrilling fightback was the perfect response to the taunts from Juventus as Mourinho’s men put themselves back on track to qualify for the last 16.Mourinho was delighted with the way United recovered from falling behind to Ronaldo’s sublime second half volley in a comeback that echoed their famous 1999 Champions League final win over Bayern Munich.“We performed at a high level. After the goal we had five minutes to wake up again. We were there from the first minute until the last,” he said.“It is a big victory for us, not just because we needed the points but because it was away from home against an amazing team.“They are a fantastic team with an amazing record at home. We had to come and not feel inferior. They have more potential than us. Everybody knows their ambitions.”United, second in Group H, could book their place in the knockout stages if they win their next group match against Young Boys, depending on the result of Valencia’s match against Juventus on the same night.“We thought we had two finals to play. Now we have one final at home to Young Boys,” Mourinho said.0Shares0000(Visited 4 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Manchester United’s Jose Mourinho gestures towards the Juventus fans © AFP / Marco BERTORELLOTURIN, Italy, Nov 8 – Jose Mourinho insisted his provocative celebration of Manchester United’s dramatic 2-1 Champions League win at Juventus wasn’t meant to insult the Italian club.Mourinho’s side snatched a vital Champions League victory in Turin thanks to two goals in the last four minutes.last_img read more


    first_imgAVE YOU PAID YOUR REGISTRATION?Registration is now due. If you do not register by 31st March, you lose voting rights at AGM and it will also affect ticket allocation.Registration fee’s are €30 per adult, €15 per juvenile, family member is €70. Registration fees have to be paid for by 31st March. SENIOR HURLINGWe are away to Na Seamroga from Strabane this Saturday at 2.00pm. This is a must win game for Mac Cumhaills. Please come along and support our Hurlers.MINOR FOOTBALL The league will start on Mar 10thDONEGAL HURLERSCongratulations to the Donegal Senior Hurlers who got off to a great start in the Allianz National League. Donegal romped to a 3-18 to 1-06 victory in O Donnell Park. Well done lads.HANDBALL ALLEYAnyone wishing to use the handball alley must prebook. To book the alley please contact Avril Mc Namee 0863394306MOUTHGUARDSParents are reminded that mouth-guards are to be worn by all juvenile football players for training and matches. These can be purchased in Mc Elhinneys, SuperValu, Sports Direct, Elverys, Brian Mc Cormacks and many stores on-line. If you need any information please contact your child’s manager. TRAININGTraining for all adult players continues Tue and Thurs at 7.30pm sharp.U6 Boys and Girls. Astro pitch. Wed 5.30pm.U8 Boys and Girls. Astro pitch. Wed 6.30pm. U12 Football. Wed Training Pitch. 7.00pm, Sat 10.00am.U14 Football. Tue and Fri 7-8 both nights.TRAINING PITCHNotice to all adult team managers. The training pitch and County pitch are closed for all teams for another week at least. Please make alternative arrangements ie Drumboe or Astro pitch.COACHING VACANCIESWe currently have a number of coaching vacancies for the current year for the following teams:Boys football – U16’sGirls football – U14, U16 & U18Hurling – U14 & U18Camogie – various teamsPlease contact John Burke at 086/8185915 or Alan Martin 0861723899 if you are interested in coaching or helping out with any of the above teams.IRISH DANCING CLASSESIrish dance classes every wed in Gaa centre 6 to 7 pm and 7 to 8 pm also Saturdays 4 to 5 pm and 5 to 6 pm qualified tutor reg with coimision le rinci gaelacha.Adult keep fit non competitive Irish Dance Lessons will begin shortly. For further information contact Lorraine on 087 12613493G ASTRO TURF PITCHState of the art 3G Astro pitch is available. Please contact Terry O Reilly(0866095347) for times etcMAC CUMHAILLS LOTTOThere were no winners of the lotto this week.Numbers drawn were 1,10,22 and 26.There were 0 match 3 winners.£ names drawn out were Johnny Brady, Pat Lafferty and Tommy Grealey. Each receives €30€2 weekly or a yearly subscription for the Club Lotto is €100€5 weekly or a yearly subscription for the Club Lotto is €240.Contact any club committee member for detailsThe jackpot will be €3700 next weekIF YOU’RE NOT IN, YOU CAN’T WIN!!!!!!!CLUB MERCHANDISEThe club shop will be open on Wed’s from 7.30pm – 8.00pm for anyone wishing to purchase club shorts and socks. We also stock water bottles, sliotars and Hurls.SIGNS.Anyone wishing to take a sign in a prime location on a gable wall, please contact Alan Or Peter.MAC CUMHAILL’S BINGOMac Cumhaill’s Weekly Bingo is in the Villa Rose Hotel this week at 8.30pm. Everyone Welcome.We would also like to thank Alice Bonner for her continued support. Alice has kindly sponsored a hamper every week at the bingo.CLUBHOUSE BARThe Clubhouse bar is now taking bookings for parties: Contact Simon at 085 1503092 for more informationGAA NEWS: SEAN MacCUMHAILLS CLUB NOTES was last modified: February 25th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Sean MacCumhaills Club noeslast_img read more

  • ‘Copper’ reveals how underdog status spurred Glenswilly on to become champions

    first_imgGlenswilly GAA captain Gary ‘Copper’ McFadden has revealed how his side used their vast underdog status to help them lift another senior county title.Very few gave the Foxhall club any chance of beating the in-form Kilcar side when the pair met at a rain-soaked Mac Cumhaill Park.Indeed the bookies were offering up to 6/1 on Glenswilly lifting their third Dr Maguire Cup (plenty of Glenswilly folk got in on that action!) Hundreds turned up for the team’s homecoming in their clubhouse last night where McFadden told MC Charlie Collins how they always had a plan.‘Copper’ told how he and the rest of his team were sick to the teeth of hearing how well Kilcar could do in Ulster without even a mention that Glenswilly could win the tie.He also had a special word for the media reminding them of how few of them gave Glenswilly any chance of beating Martin McHugh’s charges.There was a tremendous reaction to the arrival of the team on stage where Glenswilly chairman Peter McConnell paid tribute to Michael Canning and his management team and his players. Canning paid tribute to Glenswilly supporters and all those involved with the underage structures at the club whom he said were laying the foundation stones of try future.He said that hopefully in ten or twenty years time, these young players would also be lifting the Dr Maguire Cup.‘Copper’ reveals how underdog status spurred Glenswilly on to become champions was last modified: October 17th, 2016 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more