Website optimization analysis of site map

4, RSS map, is also a common platform page, called rssmap.html. The first similar site map to that we say, in RSS, it will make a list of websites, channels be arranged, generated after opening the link is corresponding to the channel list. The first map is optimized for the user, and the fourth generation […]

Wang Shifan five tips to love Shanghai snapshots and included dead

The correlation and regularity of ! also should mention regular chain work. We don’t do the chain with mood, good mood to do more, feel unhappy today to do less, we do the chain is the standard: the stage of ascension. Every day in accordance with the provisions of the number, then a week increase […]

The search engine included a stop and go

website has experienced over the first half of the normal state, these days at least some normal, from the observation of the half month, found that the search engine for the website content included a rule, always stop and go, stop and go, this is what kind of state, for everyone to introduce detailed. A […]

Learning and quick action are the core capabilities of entrepreneurship in the Internet AgeHow to qu

second, the Internet industry is a market competition in line with the trend of fair competition, the Internet is an index of resources, index competition. ! there is a huge difference, the traditional production management process: planning, organization, leadership, control, its characteristics are: first, after the task; process management; precise control. = Internet product management […]

Talking about how to do a good music station

feeds. In fact, network is the best way to promote. And simple, as long as the station in their own articles on it. This machine is equipped with a can network plug-in, two in their article content station specially into some of the more famous fanchon chain. Don’t choose what feeds to choose, choose some […]

Since the media and how to break the operation of the bureau This little map tells us the answer

today, the new media, entrepreneurship, dissemination of the show of thinking, change and confusion, even more than before. The world is different from the social network in its early stages. In the past, as long as the opening of accounts, serious things, you will get good results – countless users and eyes, attention, waiting for […]

How to identify sites and APP false traffic

one, the essence of traffic cheating         1; the difference between human and machine? true traffic is the real record of a person’s true behavior. these words around a bit, I explain: the real person is well understood, we target certainly is true; then the real behavior? It is with the purpose […]

Retail customers want to do business in rural areas need to do a good job health

people who visited the supermarket to see the rural retail sales environment often can not stand, not only chaos, but also very dirty. Therefore, under the influence of the objective environment, doing a good job of environmental health has been the "soft underbelly" of rural retail stores". First, geographical environment. Rural land, wind, wind, dust […]

The old lady out of business for 5 years net profit of 6 million seventy years of age

life rarely live to seventy, for the contemporary people, seventy years old is to return home, a good time to retire, but the old lady did not go looking for the road, her life itself is a sad song crazy business history. : Wu Shengming, a common name, is a legendary life. When the boss, […]

How to carry out fresh food store operations

in order to successfully open a convenience store, and now many people are choosing to join this entrepreneurial way. In the convenience store on the big market, a lot of people to learn 7-11, but I do not recommend blindly learning, because of the class structure of the 7-11 class, the structure of the target […]