Station group – Shanghai dragon knight in Knight

chain is mainly through the mass chain and sprocket function. This point can be found to share the experience of construction of Chinese and foreign chain layout – Knight stations is knight software built-in rich capture module, and can customize the publishing rules, it can be said that any can be released through artificial sites, […]

Effect of GBK or utf8 charset in the Shanghai Dragon

Figure 2: theory need to practice, I carried out the experiment in a page of their (page address 贵族宝贝sl.zoum5贵族宝贝), before UTF-8 encoding is used, then changed to gbk. In May 5th when the page search keywords included in the first batch query ", today in Shanghai love has disappeared, as to change the weights before […]

The site of cross links, detailed

cross link wayThe cross link between 3 and two sites: a site of the two column page A and B, B site C cross links is this: "a website column page link to the A website C website C B B, link to a column page links to B forms". cross link definition address, thank […]

Shanghai dragon how to around three to do a good job ranking principle

, a search engine friendly to protect 1, normal use of legal means to optimize the website 3, using the website content exchange position according to the above I said, sometimes bad things we do not deliberately put it up, but when we inadvertently generated automatically, or maliciously hacked websites, then such things, what can […]

The website included the cause of instability if you know

no matter for any search engine, they have a rating for a website home page, especially for that every day a new content update website, search engine spiders crawling more love, better effect, and for the website snapshot, even website content is a second what is normal. (three) brand effect in trouble. (two) audit content […]

Maximize shlf1314 AdSense revenueThe 11 Myths and truths of entrepreneurship

User-agent: Mediapartners-shlf1314*Disallow: myth 3 you need a very detailed and perfect business Myth 2, as long as the product is developed, users will find their own home to 1. displays ads in a visible position. placing ads to clear position web page without scrolling, you can see the part is more convenient for visitors to […]

Talk about local classified information website promotion experience

Hello, I said the following website, also does not have any relationship with me, please don’t say I don’t think I’m soft, long winded, thank you ! I got into touch with the Internet when I graduated from high school. Very late, the first Internet access on the network, and then in the major forums […]

Industry recruitment website, get the first advertising revenue, experience sharing

was so happy that the website online for more than a year, finally got the customer once put in a year of advertising, and this pen advertising revenue than Google advertising revenue, which makes me more and more confident on my website. time should begin from 2008 just graduated, had just graduated, looking for work […]

Site status analysis of profit model and new ideas of profit big secret

because of the simple production of the website, the profit model is clear and the profit is rich. Nowadays, it has become the number one flagship in many webmaster’s hands. I happen to be working with my friend as a navigation station project at this time, and now I have 10W IP. I am so […]

Talking about the development route of local information network

What do stand to make money fast asleep?? you can make money, but you have to think, in fact, there are many industries to sleep can make money, not necessarily do, now talk about the development route of local portal. local, if only a local information network, there is no competition, but if the local […]