How to understand the long tail keywords simple

If PPC account management people should know, those short words, in the bidding rankings in the competition is fierce, but the return on investment is relatively low. And the long tail keywords, to bring traffic to the site may not be much, but the return on investment is considerable, because of the long tail keywords […]

You don’t know the secret site outside the chain of Links

;Keywords Links 5, Links exchange website can find what large website home you must be gone, but there is hope two channels and columns you, first with them to exchange links, such as the weight of your site up, then consider with them for two level domain name, finally you do well with them to […]

How to correctly use nofollow Tags

1, label? , 3 pages link to control weight transfer you can see an example of webmaster tools (贵族宝贝webmasterhome.cn/) home page outbound links up to more than 100 SF, which accounted for half of it, but why "PR value is 4, and the search engine did not reduce weight? By viewing the source file, all […]

Airbnb counter attack how to sell from one cereal to the biggest hotel in the world

Abstract: in 7 years, Airbnb, a small company that no one wants to invest in, grew into an entrepreneur with a valuation of $25 billion 500 million. raised $1 billion 500 million, the company’s valuation of $25 billion 500 million, after the end of the month in the latest round of financing, Airbnb growth for […]

New sharing of recent Web site experience

recently I made a World of Warcraft site www.d0wan.com do not have 1W January to flow, I’m here to talk to you about I do stand experience, I have put my optimization technology have been sorted out, if there is a place to write what is not good, please understand that I was a rookie, […]

The dream of a station owner, from hope to complete destruction of the bleak years

, it is said that many very successful webmaster age is under 20 years old, after 90, most of them are about 18~19 years old, I do not know whether it is true or not. Think of yourself is already 30, is now still in the struggle for many years without a single success army […]

Webmaster voice we are not closed, not that we fear

nearly a week of rain and weather has finally passed. Today, the sky is finally covered with sunshine and clouds. In fact, rain or shine is fine. It doesn’t have much impact on us. Do web site, especially personal Adsense, who is not every day in front of the computer, two ears don’t smell the […]

How to do a good job in cigarette recommendation

in order to sell the product, as the owner, a lot of time naturally need to play a role in the promotion. In short, in the fierce competition in the market, in order to achieve satisfactory sales performance, in addition to the quality of goods, service and thoughtful, good sales skills to achieve a multiplier […]

Education and training programs need to examine from what aspects

education and training industry prospects, in recent years is the focus of attention of the investment market, attracting the attention of many investors. For investors, in order to successfully foothold in the field of education and training, the first thing is to choose a good education and training programs. So what is a good project? […]

Ten famous western restaurant brand

western restaurant gives a high taste, high emotional feeling, people like the western restaurant service, like the style of Western restaurants, like the taste of Western restaurant. Good western restaurant to join you can bring considerable benefits, for this small series to recommend to you 10 well-known brands to join the western food. 1. [ […]